Blend Sun Giesee And Tanning In The Sun

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Well-known self tanning products like Sun Giesee are a rave today specially among those who are looking for that bronzed appearance. Fortunately, health care providers have declared most of the sunless tanning products in the markets as safe for the skin. Therefore, it is no wonder people go for these as an alternative to exposing themselves in the sun.

Interestingly, new research by scientists has revealed facts that are worthy of note. According to them, health benefits of tanning are far more than what people believe. This finding should be a revelation for all those who make a beeline for tanning products like Sun Giesee.

What Is It All About?

The key beneficial effects of sun tanning relate to vitamin D production. Our body naturally produces vitamin D when our skin is exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun. Some studies have reportedly found that vitamin D facilitates protection against deadly diseases like lymphoma, cancers of the prostrate, skin and lung. In addition, Vitamin D assists in building a healthy body, along with strong and healthy bones. Food supplements like milk and other items are in most part woefully inadequate to supply adequate amounts of Vitamin D, so the best way to make up deficiency in Vitamin D is to tan indoors or outdoors. Here is a word of caution though. Going overboard while tanning or rushing to a tanning salon will do no good. Moderation or "safe sun exposure" is a prudent way to maximize the benefits from sunrays.

Does this mean products like Sun Giesee and other tanning products must be done away with?

The answer is no. Sunlesss tanners like Sun Giesee do have their benefits. Those who have a time crunch and those who wish to avoid the sun would find tanning products extremely beneficial.

Therefore, a good idea is to make the best of both the worlds. Getaway to a beach and tan yourself in the sun whenever it suits you, though remember to do it in moderation. On the other hand when time hangs heavy, make use of products like Sun Giesee.
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Blend Sun Giesee And Tanning In The Sun

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This article was published on 2010/11/28