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Curtains have the ability to add a lot of character and charm to a room. Expensive fabrics tied together with tassels for instance, give a room a majestic feel, while white, embroidered curtains are cute and sweet and probably best suited to a young girl's room or a powder room.

Those on a budget might need to get a bit creative with their curtains. This can be a fun and simple project to tackle. If you own some fabric that you really like you might choose to hammer its four corners to the edges of your window. Another idea is to throw an ethnic blanket that you might have picked up on a recent trip over a rod. Not only will these textiles add a whole new dimension to your room, but if they are bright colours, they will light up your room when the sun shines through them.

While strings of beads may not be the best way to block out the sun, a lot of people like to divide the rooms of their home with strings of beads. These beads could be colourful or plain wood colours.

Blinds made out of bamboo can work really well in rooms with lots of sun and plants. You might even consider putting some up in a tree house.

Those serious about their sleep often opt for blackout blinds. These blinds literally block out all light and will allow you to sleep well into the afternoon if that's what you wish for.

There are of course, alternative ways to block out the sun from your house, such as vines, or ivey on the side of your home, planting a large tree on the sunny side of your house or building an actual brise soleil.

Brise soleils are sun breakers, but they are permanent. Sun shading techniques can range from patterned concrete walls to sophisticated wing-like mechanisms. Generally, a projection is extended from the sunny side of a building, this is used to prevent glass facades from overheating during summer months.

One of the most famous examples of a brise soleil is that devised by Santiago Calatrava for the Milwaukee Art Museum. The moveable wings open up 217 feet during the day and fold over the building in the evenings and cold weather. The brise soleil has become so famous internationally, that it is now considered the symbol of Milwaukee.

If shade is what you're looking for, there are a variety of ways to achieve it. It doesn't matter whether the building in question is made entirely of glass or located directly under the sun, just as it doesn't matter whether you have a large budget or a small one, there are all kinds of ways to get creative with your curtains.

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This article was published on 2011/04/25