Giesee Is Now Sun Laboratories

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What was Giesee brand earlier is now Sun Laboratories! The name has changed; however, the quality remains the same.

There are countless people who desire to have a healthy look of sun-kissed skin. However, to have such a skin, one has to get exposed to sun rays, which do give a tanned look but also harm the skin.

In the year 1987, Gisela Hunter had a thought of tanning the skin without exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. That thought gave birth to Giesee brand that offers a range of self tanning formulas. As soon as the tanning products, hit the market, their popularity grew and customers readily accepted them. The name of the company has now changed to Sun Laboratories. However, the demand of the products has not changed a bit.

Today Sun Laboratories is a market leader in the sun tanning formula industry. The company has a wide variety of lotions that not only help get the tanned skin look but also help maintain it. Now foams and lotions with roll-on applicators are also available. You can get lotions meant for daytime and overnight use. There are scrubs and moisturisers that not only work wonders for the skin but also help preserve the tan for longer times.

Lotions, scrubs, and moisturisers are available in various sizes to help you select the one that best suits your budget. There are also small-sized packs which can be used as a tester. If they leave you impressed, you can go ahead and get the larger packs. When going out on a holiday, you can carry along one of the tanning kits that have everything you would need.

The Body Polisher from Sun Laboratories is a wonderful way to prepare your skin for the perfect tanned look.

Call it Giesee or Sun Laboratories, the value of their product base remains the same. It is the same old, matured wine in a brand new bottle.

Giesee changed its name to Sun Laboratories but never compromised on the quality. Call it by any name- it still personifies a range of self tanning formulas that give you a tanned skin without the sun’s harmful rays.

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Giesee Is Now Sun Laboratories

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This article was published on 2010/10/10