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Our great sages have given many solutions solving the mysteries of life and planetary systems. But the problems faced by us are as to how to prove the statements of sages?.These are the days no one will believe whatever has been said without the certification from scientists.

At the same time, everyone is confused on many things happening around us and scientists are also unable to find out solutions for the same. But scientists are very prompt in outrightly rejecting whatever has been told by our sages, because like GOD, sages are not going to come and prove these people. Also, these are the days where people who reject old scripts/criticize the good things and sages, become world famous and are rulers of their land. This makes many people to have doubts about GOD /sages and our philosophy /practices.

These are the days, where scientists believe that everything is under their control and that they can find out answers for all the mysteries. It is not that this is the first time humans make all out effort to unearth secrets. The same scientists also certify that earth is billions of years old. If so, how many generations of humans would have come and gone?. We have only some 10000 years of written evidence of human history. What about the balance period?. just because there is no written evidence is it right to conclude that human history is of only 10000 years old?. How to find out the truth then?. Impossible and scientists will go on give some informations with some evidences , but they cannot piece together to get to the truth.

Many of the oldest histories have been destroyed beyond redemption and with some informations available in old scriptures, the geologists/anthropologists are trying to get into some truth. No one can verify as to whatever has been told by them are truth. when we read the history of about 5000 years, we can find as though people are so ignorant and are illiterates in olden days.  Many kings ruled people /killed many and ruled as they like. They were destroyed subsequently. Then came dictators worst than kings ruled/killed people and they are also destroyed. Hence reading history will only result in more confusion.

Now, with earth over billions of years old, what is the way available for us to get to the truth?.I had the same problems and had to turn to space for getting solutions. Physically it is impossible to reach. The only way out was to study about the old scripts like Vedas, which gives good insight about the universe.

I do not know when and how these Vedas was created and as it is widely believed that it cannot be the work of Humans, This conclusion is evident, as perfect truth of life and universe is clearly explained.  Even today they are true when compared with what scientists are finding through powerful telescopes.

I strongly believe that great sages took birth after the Vedas were framed ( many say that only GOD gave Vedas to us). Taking the cue from Vedas, great sages, used the Third eye to unearth the facts of universe, as they also would have known that, it is impossible to travel physically in space to see things with our own eyes. Therefore they used the power of Third eye,(automatically truth comes out in the mind) and therefore have framed many practices/rituals to overcome the problems in life.

But in all their procedures, they have clearly explained as to why it should be done and how?. It is up to individuals to understand and accept the realities. I have visited many temples/ experts in Vedas and verified with original texts. I am very clear  and establish that they are framed with basis.

Similarly, sages had the vision of planets rule over lives on earth. In Hindu religion, the practices /rituals are based on planet SUN movements in each and every constellation. Similarly, the movement of moon also plays vital part. Anyone can watch the ocean during the full month and observe that towards full moon water level rises and reaches peak .

Again from full moon to new moon it slowly calms down. It is due to this reason, every new moon/full moon days are celebrated as special days and more rituals are performed on that day. Similarly I can give many examples as follows:

1. The movement of SUN during the 12 months period from Aries  to Pisces constellations, are called in the name of the constellations by sages. Even though, in space there are more than 100 constellations, question arises as to why they chose only 12?.  The reason explained by them are, planet SUN travels through these signs only and without SUN nothing will exist and therefore these are the superior powers makes us to live. Anyone can verify these statements and convince themselves about the truth of the same.

2. Since planet SUN is the real life for us , every month ie. Aries/Taurus/Gemini etc., the very first day is an auspicious day and hence more rituals are there.

3. Every day they have prescribed that rituals have to be performed for 6 times from Sun rise to Sun set . The reason for this is when earth rotates on its own, in 24 hours SUN looks like travelling  through 12 constellations. ( the position of SUN at a particular time is fixed as Ascendant- Lagna of a horoscope).  When one refer to original calendars of our ancient people, one can see that movement of SUN through 12 constellations on that day are mentioned.

4. The SUN rise is so vital for us, because only if the SUN rises we can live/work/take food and survive. Similarly if the SUN does not set, we may not be able to rest and keep good health. Sages have prescribed prayers for both sun set and sun rise.

5. Now look at flowers, especially LOTUS. It is such a wonderful sight to see it in the morning with SUN rise. Similarly many such flowers. But sages thought it fit to give very high status like that of goddess to Lotus because, it grows in water on earth and comes out in air while seeing SUN. Means Lotus uses almost five elements and smiles with superior power (SUN ) only.

6. When sages watched the eclipses, they watched that during solar/lunar eclipses planet SUN and MOON are totally blacked out. As explained earlier, both these planets are vital for our survival and therefore, they prescribed separate rituals for the same. In as much as planet SUN/ MOON are blocked from our vision, it is natural to conclude that such happening in the space is bad/worst for the lives. Scientists warn the people during solar eclipse that eyes will lose its vision power. How the sages have said the same thing without using any of the modern technology.  THIRD EYE is the super most technology which can never be replaced by any other means.

Therefore, many such reasons are there for each and everything prescribed as rituals by our sages. Similar to this, sages have also prescribed rules/rituals for planetary influences on lives. It is not that only humans are influenced by planets, but all the lives and earth as a whole are under its influence. In addition, each and every planet in the universe have influence amongst them.

When we use third eye and travel through space, many things come out and since they are of not much significance to us, humans neglect them. Those who are following the space research, will know about the same.

We must be very clear that planets do play vital role in the smooth functioning of universe and humans are only a very tiny creature within the system.

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Planets and our sages

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This article was published on 2010/09/16